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Legacy Village - Chuck Southworth- Board Member

ACRI has given HOA’s under management the opportunity to leverage strategies to utilize HOA Websites. Association Websites should be an integral component of all successfully managed HOA's. Hopefully, other Associations will start to recognize the benefits ACRI provides as well and implement many of their communication ideas.

Acri Realty Super Star Management


Ivy Woods Condos reviews Acri Community RealtyIvy Woods Condominiums - Virgina Catullo - Board President

We are happy to have ACRI  return as our Property Management Firm and are especially pleased with Debbie Shively. I was struck by her authenticity and commitment.   I know this board will enjoy partnering with Acri making Ivy Woods great and fiscally strong again.

Acri Realty Super Star Management


Spring Run Condominiums - Jean Snider Board Member

Acri has managed our condo association for over 10 years and we have a great working relationship with them. As a board member I have found Renee, our property manager; Megan, her assistant; Rinaldo, the boss; Michele, the webmaster; and all the folks on the financial side of the house to be very knowledgeable...without exception.  While we might not always "love" their answers to our questions because they aren't exactly what we want to hear, we are confident that their responses emanate from a wealth of experience and we trust that they are correct.
We respect their expertise and they respect our need to know.  It doesn't get any better than that!  Productive communication is a two-way street.

If you're looking for a management company that knows how to manage a condominium association, you can't go wrong with Acri.Acri Realty Super Star Management


Fox Chapel Mews Association - Acri Realty Association Property ManagementFox Chapel Mews- Mary Jane Jacques -  Board President 2016

We, the board members of the Fox Chapel Mews Association, want to thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf We will never forget how you bailed us out of our prior poor management arrangement. We remember and appreciate this fact each month.
Since December 1, 2015 when our relationship began, our lives as board members have greatly improved. Debbie Shively has been a god­ send. Your support staff in the Acri office has been exceptionally helpful and responsive.
We also want to thank Michele Roper for making our new website a reality. We are very proud of this new communication tool. It is everything we hoped for ......and more.

Acri Realty Super Star Management


Dithridge Towers Acri Condo ManagementDIthridge Towers Condominiums  - Herb Rubin -  Board Member

Thanks, Debbie and Rinaldo.  What a pleasure, after all the tribulations, to see something positive and proactive. We appreciate the work you have done. We are happy to have you on our team. Thank you for solving the Fire System mess.


Acri Realty Super Star Management


Happy Acri Management Homeowner

Ron Conrad

Board President

The Board of Directors of Brandywine Village completed a diligent search for a new management company. I am pleased that we have Acri Commercial Realty, Inc., and it's management team.

David D-Northtown Estates

David Drab

Board Member

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Joe Muller Stone Mansion Codominiums

Joe Muller

Board Member

Just wanted to say that the website looks great, nice job!
Very professional!  Should prove helpful to everyone.

Oakmont Commons Acri HOA Property Manager

Lisa Scuilli


Our association has been more than pleased with Acri Management Company. They offer a variety of prompt reliable services which are very helpful to homeowners including professional property management, dues payment processing, and contractor referrals.

Sandra Dougherty Washingtons Landing

Sandra Dougherty

Board Member

As a Board member of our Homeowner's Association, I have  first-hand experience with Acri Commercial Realty, Inc.
 I find them to be professional, courteous, prompt and reliable.

Jim S - Fox Hall Condominiums

J. Schlesselman

Board Member

We are pleased that you and your company continue to be the management firm for Fox Hall, and for Farndale Village
in particular, and we are happy with your support and knowledge.


Happy Acri Management Homeowner

Herb Rubin

Board Member

Thanks, Debbie and Rinaldo.  What a pleasure, after all the tribulations, to see something positive and proactive.  Congratulations, and please keep up the good work.

Sue O'Connor

Board President

The new website is way better than anything I had imagined. Awesome!!   You guys are making me very happy.  We've been struggling so long on our own.  Thanks!!



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