Experienced Managers and Staff

First Class Service

Experienced Managers and Staff

We Hire the Best in the Industry

ACRI Community Property Management draws strength and direction from its strong, experienced management team and staff.

Our team leads and inspires our company with its significant industry and business experience. Ultimately, the success of your homeowners or condo owners association depends on the board effectively managing in the interest of all its members. ACRI COMMUNITY REALTY can team-up with the board to make all aspects of the association efficient, dependable, and cost-effective.

Rinaldo Acri CEO Acri Community Realty

Rinaldo Acri

CEO Acri Community Realty

Phone: 412-459-0111 x201
Email: rinaldo_acri@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty Tracy Anzaldi

Tracey Anzaldi

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x224
Email: tracey_anzaldi@acrirlty.com
Diane Bargiband Acri Community Realty

Diane Bargiband

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x226
Email: diane_bargiband@acrirlty.com
Renee Bestic Acri Property Manager

Renee Bestic

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x219
Email: renee_bestic@acrirlty.com
Acri Commercial Realty

Cindy Clifton

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x205
Email: cindy_clifton@acrirlty.com
Tracey Crocker Acri CFO

Tracy Crocker


Phone: 412-459-0111 x202
Email: tracy_crocker@acrirlty.com
Mary Delenko Acri Property Management

Mary Delenko

Transition Coordinator & Direct Payment Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x204
Email: mary_delenko@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Manager- Katina Donaldson

Katina Donaldson

Office Assistant

Phone: 412-459-0111 x777
Email: katin_donaldson@acrirlty.com
Bella Drylie Company Mascot

Bella Drylie

Company Mascot

Phone: 412-459-0111
Email: bella@acrirlty.com
Holly Drylie Acri Commercial Realty

Holly Drylie

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x203
Email: holly_drylie@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty Liz Francos

Elizabeth (Liz) Frankos

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x221
Email: liz_frankos@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty- Cara Harrington

Cara Harrington

Accounts Payable

Phone: 412-459-0111 x216
Email: cara_harrington@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Manager - Nick Helsey

Nick Helsley

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x230
Email: nick_helsley@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty- Barb Keller

Barb Keller

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x235
Email: barb_keller@acrirlty.com
Jim klepin

Jim Klepin

Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 412-459-0111 x217
Email: jim_klepin@acrirlty.com
Brittany Matecka Acri Property Management

Brittney Matecka

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x228
Email: brittney_matecka@acrirlty.com
Lori Miller Acri Commercial Realty

Lori Miller

Web Assistant, Insurance Counselor

Phone: 412-459-0111 x223
Email: lori_miller@acrirlty.com
Sara Mitrovic Acri Realty Web Developer

Sara Mitrovic

Assistant Web Developer

Phone: 412-459-0111
Email: sara_mitrovic@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty Staff-Mary Mitton

Mary Mitton

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x220
Email: mary_mitton@acrirlty.com
Francine O'Brien Acri Property Management

Francine O'Brien

Office Receptionist

Phone: 412-459-0111 x200
Email: francine_obrien@acrirlty.com
Tracy O'Brien Acri Property Management

Tracy O'Brien

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 412-459-0111 x214
Email: tracy_obrien@acrirlty.com
Heather Pancari Acri Community Realty

Heather Pancari

Office Admin

Phone: 412-459-0111 x234
Email: heather_pancari@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty- Dianna Pearce

Diana Pearce

Property Manager & Property Manager Assistant

Phone: 412-459-0111 x210
Email: diana_pearce@acrirlty.com
Tom Ratchkauskas Acri Community Realty

Tom Ratchkauskas

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x227
Email: tom_ratchkauskas@acrirlty.com
Michele Roper Acri Web Developer

Michele Roper

Web Developer

Phone: 412-459-0111 x211
Email: webmaster@acrirlty.com
Renee Rosemeyer-Acri Community Realty Property Manager

Renee Rosemeyer

Associate Broker/Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x209
Email: renee_rosemeyer@acrirlty.com
Acri Realty Property Manager Becca Sadle

Becca Sadler

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x225
Email: becca_sadler@acrirlty.com
Kimberly Schroeder Acri Commmunity Management

Kimberly Schroeder

Bank Reconciliation Specialist

Phone: 412-459-0111 x222
Email: kimberly_schroeder@acrirlty.com
Joanne Shakespeare Accounts Payable Manager at Acri Community Realty Property Management

Joanne Shakespeare

Accounts Payable

Phone: 412-459-0111 x207
Email: joanne_shakespeare@acrirlty.com
Acri Realty Property Manager Molly Sheerin

Molly Sheerin

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x229
Email: molly_sheerin@acrirlty.com
Deb Shively Acri Realty HOA Property Manager

Debbie Shively

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x208
Email: debbie_shively@acrirlty.com

Kiley Shively

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x213
Email: kiley_shively@acrirlty.com
Acri Property Management

Carol Sosko

Property Manager, Home Watch Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x277
Email: carol_sosko@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Manager - Michelle Stephens

Michelle Stephens

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0911 x206
Email: michelle_stephens@acrirlty.com
Acri Property Manager Melissa Thornton

Melissa Thornton

Property Manager

Phone: 412-459-0111 x215
Email: melissa_thornton@acrirlty.com
Acri Community Realty Michelle Waible

Michele Waibel

Assistant Controller

Phone: 412-459-0111 x231
Email: michele_waibel@acrirlty.com



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We customize the services to meet your Association needs. No cookie cutter solutions.

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We are the industry leader in Western PA and surrounding areas. Our success will be your success story.

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We have a fully staffed accounting department. Each ACRI manager has their own dedicated assistant.

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Join other happy Board of Directors.  We will help you increase home values.

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